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About Us

New Zealand's premier provider of fun casinos


As New Zealand's leading fun casino provider, our family-operated venture began its journey in 2008. Drawing from our rich casino backgrounds in England, Australia, South Africa, and New Zealand, my wife and I decided to create something special after departing from Sky City and settling in Tauranga post the arrival of our first child.

The spark for Corporate Casino was ignited following the roaring success of a casino-themed party we hosted for a relative. Recognizing a gap in the market for an authentic casino experience, we aimed to fill it with our extensive industry knowledge and passion.

Corporate Casino emerged as a bespoke service, delivering an experience rooted in our deep understanding of the casino world. Our enduring relationships with esteemed establishments like Sky City Auckland, Hamilton, Queenstown, and Adelaide keep us at the forefront of gaming innovations.

We are committed to providing an experience that's not just a game, but a slice of the high-stakes, thrill-infused world of casino entertainment.

We're honored you're considering Corporate Casino for your forthcoming event and look forward to adding a touch of true casino glamour to your celebration.

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